New air museum opens its doors to the public

A new museum has opened its doors to fans of airplanes and other flying vehicles. This new air museum has moved from its original location of Coventry to Cornwall and is now open for the public. The Classic Aircraft Trust is the organization responsible for making the move happen, having sponsored the new attraction where over 30 planes can be seen.

The new museum and the planes are now located in the Newquay aero-hub and include some very popular models like the De Havillands Vampire and Gloster Meteor. This particular location has been attempting to bring in more aircraft businesses in recent years, and has been attracting organisations thanks to generous tax breaks and new zoning regulations.

The museum used to be at the Coventry Airport but the trust decided to move it in order to better serve tourists and visitors. The hope is that this museum will become an important part of the Cornish tourism economy. As people go there to see planes, bi-planes or other vehicles, the local economy will grow thanks to all of these visitors.