The many attractions of Bath

The city of Bath dates back over 2000 years to Roman times, when a magnificent bath house was built around England’s only natural hot spring, and thus giving the city the name it has had ever since. If the South West of England were a crown, then Bath would be its jewel, and such is the importance of it in a historical sense that the entire city has been named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Roman Baths and pump house are still in existence today and are, understandably, the number one tourist attraction in the city. Characters dressed in full Roman costume will take you on a guided tour and tell you the colourful history of this most enduring attraction. The pump room is now home to a fine dining area where you can enjoy lunch or dinner, depending on what time of day you visit.

The picturesque River Avon flows right through the centre of the city, and that accompanied by the Palladian parades, Georgian terraces, towering town houses and wealth of other architectural treasures all go to make Bath one of the most beautiful cities you are likely to find anywhere in the world. Strolling the streets and taking in all the sights and sounds is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have on a city break.