The beaches of Devon

The charming coastline and beautiful beaches of Devon receive thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. The unique nature reserve, coastal towns and attractive parks are the reason why these visitors come to Devon. The coast, with its cerulean beaches, has lots of sandy spaces in the northern and southern regions. The water is great for scuba diving, and there are various water sports which the visitors can enjoy taking part in.

One of the beaches, the Woolacombe beach, runs for 3 miles from Morte Point to the Baggy. It is a great spot for enjoying water sports thanks to its pristine condition. Having been well maintained the beach has won several awards.

Croyde beach is another beach that is popular. It is famous for its beach break waves and is visited by numerous surfers. Many international surfers visit the region to take part in the Oceanfest surfing festival.

Families and couples also love going to Saunton beach. It has an ideal setting for a romantic excursion. The water is azure in colour and the waves are gentle making it a great spot to relax. It has an expansive open area which is favoured by kite surfers.

The Southern region of Devon also has several beaches and red sandstone cliffs that are ideal for visiting. Tourists who are looking for a romantic break prefer to go to South Devon. It also has an array of fun-filled water sports for the visitors to try out. These beaches are favoured for family excursions.

Seais and Bigbury beaches are the largest in South Devon. They are favoured by both couples and families. The tranquil seaside environment is ideal for taking a long walk along the coast. There is a pavement that tourists can use to walk all the way to the nearby attractive Burgh Island.