The ‘best dressed’ beaches to be found in Devon

The ‘best dressed’ beaches to be found in Devon

“All you need to succeed is a simple idea, coupled with good financial planning, product and market research, and keeping an eye on the bottom line.”

Devondaisy  is standing apart from the rest as proof that a new business can make it despite the recession. Rebecca Davis, a mother and part-time teacher, wanted a business that she could run from home, when she got an idea while on a windswept beach. She managed to set up her business, , within 6 weeks, and she has never looked back since.

Showing that a common sense approach to business can work, Rebecca single handedly runs all aspects of the business, despite having no business background. “A simple idea is all that is needed.Do your financial planning, get the product right, get to know the market and always watch the bottom line.” says Rebecca.

Rebecca makes high quality windbreaks for use at the beach, camping or at festival.

Recognising the importance of keeping her products fresh and unique, and always ready for a new challenge, Rebecca also taught herself how to use design packages and has created her own exclusive designs. Having a large following from owners of VW Campervans it didn’t take her long to come up with her best-selling Campervan design.

Having previously never used social media she now uses all the tools available to businesses and is convinced that this has been the secret of her success. Although, mainly UK based, she has clients in the USA and Australia.

As an antidote to her ‘laptop hours’ Rebecca still enjoys teaching in a local primary school, and just about manages to get dinner on the table for her family!