Bristol bustling shopping and nightlife

If you’re looking for one of the most bustling cities in the south-west of England, then you should definitely come to Bristol. This is a place that has a great deal of attractions, as well as vibrant nightlife scene, and plenty of shopping opportunities. Despite being of a relatively small size, the shopping opportunities here will rival some of the largest cities in the UK.

The number of cultural attractions is also great, and you’ll find plenty to do no matter how long you decide to come here for. In fact, in 2009, the popular publishers Dorling Kindersley, rated the city is one of the best places to live for young people in the UK.

A museum has recently opened in the city called M Shed, which is a fascinating Museum, set in a very modern building. It also enjoys a great location on the historic harbourside, and it tells the story of many people in the city who had their lives changed by industry and trade. There are numerous exhibitions here which are in working order including cranes, trains, and steamboats.

Located nearby people will also find the SS Great Britain, which was the world’s first ocean liner, designed by Brunel. Here you will find many displays about the different passengers who crossed the Atlantic with this vessel, and also those who went further abroad to destinations such as Australia. This is a fascinating attraction that will give you a very keen insight into the history of this part of the UK.

There are also numerous art galleries in Bristol, many of which have notable works of art, and these are definitely worth seeing. Of course, as we rarely mentioned, once you have done the cultural things, it can also be a great idea to do some shopping.