Are you looking to buy a static holiday caravan?

Caravanning fills that gap between camping and cottages. These mini homes on wheels are becoming more popular as each year passes and it isn’t hard to see why. They have every modern convenience, are located the length and breadth of the UK so you can pick your perfect spot and are relatively cheap to rent.

The fact is, however, that more and more of us are choosing to buy our own caravans so we have a holiday home when we want it plus the chance to bring in some extra cash by renting it out to like minded families when we aren’t using them ourselves. Buying your own caravan is a very simple process, it can cost very little if you look for a pre-owned van and you can choose to place it on a great choice of parks.

Imagine having a holiday home that you can visit whenever you feel like it? That’s the stuff that dreams are made of but when you own your own static caravan it is very much a reality. Do not, however, head online and do a search of family static caravans for sale, you will be inundated with so many results it will do your head in, plus thanks to the ever changing SEO rules you will be guided to sites that have no bearing on your search.

Your best option is to head to the websites of leading holiday park operators, such as Park Holidays, and check out the for sale section of their website. This has the advantage of letting you see instantly what the caravans are like, what facilities the sites have they are parked on and what the site fees are for those sites.

These will vary depending on the location of the site and what facilities are on offer, but bear in mind that the better the park the more rental income you will be able to glean should you want to go down that route. If you live in the country you may prefer a caravan by the coast, or vice versa, but the fact there are so many parks right across the UK means that you won’t be searching for long for your perfect van on your ideal site.

Having a caravan of your own is also a great way of getting the whole family together for a holiday. Due to work and other commitments, families often find themselves living hundreds of miles apart, a long way to travel for a weekend or a small break. Savvy families have bought a static caravan in the middle so they can both travel to it to spend time together while it is also close enough to be used whenever they need to get away from it all.

While holiday rental is obviously at its premium during the summer months and school holidays, there is still no reason why you can’t earmark a couple of weeks here and there at peak times to make the most of your static caravan, while bringing in some money during the rest of the time.