Cheaper Holiday Cottages in Cornwall do exist!

There has certainly been a change in tack for tourists coming to Cornwall in recent years as far as their accommodation choice are concerned. Cottages have really come into their own in recent years as more and more families have discovered the joy of staying in a home from home that offers all the conveniences you would have at home with a freedom that, with young children, if priceless.

Speaking of prices, cottages have always been considered to be expensive to rent out hence many have preferred to stay in a caravan or even camping. Now, however, affordable Cornwall cottages are easier to find than ever, and in great locations as well. There is no compromising on quality to get a bargain either, as Cornwall is very strict when it comes to the standard of cottages offered to visitors so you are guaranteed a great establishment.

There is a great choice of locations in Cornwall, and wherever you are you can reach the main attractions. The north of the county boasts such delights as the magical Tintagel with all its associations with the King Arthur legend, further south there is St Ives and Lands End and in between you have the surfing Mecca of Newquay and pretty seaside towns such as Perranporth.

There is a magic about Cornwall with all its legends and history that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK, and this is a major factor in its mass appeal to visitors from across the globe. The Cornish Piskie plays a major part in the folklore of Cornwall and there are many areas designated as Piskie land, and don’t be surprised to hear people greeting them as they pass over designated Piskie or fairy bridges.

The self catering basis of the Cornwall cottage isn’t a problem for those who would prefer the freedom to eat when and where they want rather than be tied to the dining itinerary of a hotel. Fully equipped kitchens make cooking on holiday more of a pleasure than a chore, and you always have the option of packing a picnic in the morning and heading out for the day, grabbing your evening meal while you are out or after you have returned to your cottage.

Penny for penny, Cornish cottages are one of the most affordable options for families looking to take their summer holidays in the UK. There is also a great choice of sizes and styles of cottages, from your traditional chocolate box cottage complete with thatched roof to larger, more modern properties that are perfect for more than one family who want to take their holidays together.

Whilst there are almost always holiday cottages available, the most affordable are snapped up pretty quickly, so it is worth you while looking now if you want to grab a holiday bargain for summer 2014. There are numerous sites offering holiday cottages in Cornwall so it is well worthwhile doing your research and shopping around to get the best bargains. Then you can sit back and look forward to next summer knowing everything is in place.