Cornwall appears in several new TV shows

Once in a while, one has to confront some of the shocking truths in life, the kind that makes you instinctively recoil in horror causing you to question your very being, bringing with it the sudden realisation that EastEnders should have been watched from the other end.

Watching the first episode of Cornwall, which featured Caroline Quentin, with the never ending mindless portrayal of the place, whose focus this evening was on a specific demography and the second homeowners who were the ones most likely to be financing the programme.

There was a pretty long advert on the seemingly perfect Cornwall existing only in Betjeman poems and lifestyle magazines. The opening was a bit more professional this time round, with a mundane and repetitive view of the Roskilly’s ice and the Helford River. The feature also revealed that Trebah, in all its beauty, would be having more tourists and that it would also be receiving the sanctuary seal was good news.

It would be rude to deny that such programmes give the tourism sector a much needed boost in the right direction. Pentille estate also had a press release informing the public that it would also be featuring in the series that now has a viewership of about 4.6 million.

Inside Out of BBC aired its feature on a food bank located in Wadebridge just thirty minutes before the EastEnders programme. The makers of Twofour, the programme based in Plymouth, promise that the show will go deeper in their exploration of the heartland of the West Country, the stories surrounding the determination of the community and their current ambitions.

Even though the centre of Camborne and Redruth are still the poorest in Penzance or Europe, it still remains the centre of mining heritage and will hopefully get a little bit of coverage. Comments on the programme, from viewers abroad, reveal that the series has many fans except for the locals who are more sceptical about the hostess than the content being featured.