Cornwall Camping Options

Modern camping is a million miles away from sinking tents, burnt sausages and going to loo in the bushes as is depicted in many a classic comedy. Camping in the 21st century is modern living under canvas, or in a yurt, or one of the many other camping accommodations available for those who like the idea of camping but don’t want to get right back to basics and still prefer a few home comforts.

Camping has seen a massive resurgence of interest in recent years with the rise in popularity of staycations, and it is pretty easy to find a good camping spot as the UK is literally peppered with them. You can stay in the country or by the coast, the choice is yours. Camping tends to fall into two rough categories; camping areas attached to large holiday parks that also have caravans, amenities etc and those that are not.

With camping being the cheapest option available for a holiday it also means that you may be able to travel further afield than you would if you were looking for a hotel for example. The premium holiday in the UK, and rightly so, is Cornwall, the perfect holiday destination for all travellers. With so much to see and do, camping holidays in Cornwall are more popular than ever and it is easy to see why with the quality of the parks coupled with the splendour of the environment.

There is only one slight problem when it comes to booking a Cornish camping holiday; choosing which part of this wonderful county to stay in. There are camp sites in all shapes and forms in every part of Cornwall, being spoilt for choice is one thing, too much choice leads to arguments. When in doubt settle for the middle. A couple of miles inland offers more affordability than the coast whilst it allows you the best of both worlds on your doorstep.

Once you have narrowed down the area you can then look at the type of accommodation you would prefer. If you don’t want to take your own camping gear along, you have a vast choice from large, permanent tents with all mod cons to pods, yurts even teepees. If you want to be a part of a park that has plenty to do for the kids, and the adults in the evening, then you will more than likely be looking at a permanent tent as the more eco friendly accommodations tend to be on small, independent sites.

Another thing to look at is what activities you want to take part in while in Cornwall. If you want to take surfing lessons for example you will want to be within a few miles of the areas renowned for this most exciting of sports such as Newquay. If you want to make the most of the picturesque areas around Lands End and St Ives then further south will probably best. One thing is guaranteed, however, that wherever you decide on you will have a fantastic holiday.