Cornwall; a land of sun, sea and surf

If you love land and water, you should visit Cornwall where beaches are in plenty and sands are in abundance. Surf in the water for hours and walk on the warm-cold sands of South Coast Path National Trail to delight your body and soul. The sandy coves have their natural beauty to attract you.

They will compel you to sit and push away all the tensions. The rugged coastline, picturesque scenery, scented wind, and fishing villages are all there in Cornwall to keep you occupied during holidays.

You might not have ever seen a cut-off land ever in your life. This is time to check on land’s end on south-westerly spot of Britain. The mainland of St Michaels mount is cut-off at high tide; it offers a spectacular view to the eyes.

Open-air theatre is another attraction of Porthcurno. Watch live performances at The Minack Theater which is located on the edge of a cliff. There is nothing to be afraid of but the height that seems to be several feet above the sea level.

Notable and pretty villages of the city include St Ives, Mousehole, and Polperro, you will be amazed to see their beauty, lifestyle, culture, and magnificence. Some of these villages are extraordinary striking to explore.

There is everything for everybody; good art museums and galleries always await ardent art lovers. Barbara Hepworth Museum and the Leach Pottery should be visited in the perusal of best artistic work, paintings, and sculptures

Cornwall has a lot of projects to entertain the families and The Eden Project is one of the most remarkable ones. It’s also known as global garden, built in the 21st century, on an old quarry around a huge landscape.

It is a home to two large greenhouses of the world and features countless specifies of tropical and botanical plants, some of which have been imported by other countries such as South Africa and California. Families are advised to take a guided tour in order to explore more about the garden and plants.