Cornwall reigns supreme as the holiday county of England

Turning itself into a theme park instead of being known as the extreme end of the country, Cornwall has plenty of reasons for its three consecutive wins of being nominated as the Best UK Holiday County.

The fact that the county has a coast of 150 miles long and the tourism industry provides one-fourth of the economy has turned entertaining the tourists into a full-time job for many local people. Located just outside Newquay, the White Acres holiday park provides an excellent accommodation facility for tourists. The gigantic property has an area of 184 acres, including 13 lakes, fishing areas and nature walk facilities.

White Acres has an indoor pool, sauna, spa, gym, golf, bowling and live entertainment shows taking place every day. Newquay Zoo is only a couple of miles away, ensuring an entertaining day. An interesting facility of the zoo is that tourists can enter it throughout the week by paying only once. Tourists can also enter into the lemur or penguin enclosures in feeding times for a small extra charge.

Cornwall’s most popular tourist destination, the Eden Project is only 19 miles away from Newquay. The project has a unique collection of some interesting plants from around the world, however, Eden is not only a botanical garden, it is an excellent place for concerts and musical shows too. Superstar singers like Amy Winehouse, Mumford & Sons, Snow Patrol, Example, Brian Wilson and Plan B have performed in the Eden.

The 5 beaches of Falmouth will keep the tourists happy and extremely busy during their vacations. A trip to this busy port will remain incomplete without visiting the Pendennis Castle. Being almost 500 years old, the castle was built by Henry VIII providing an impressive view of the coastline. The castle was actively used till the start of the twentieth century. Touring the historical castle will remind the visitors of the rich heritage of the country.