Discover Padstow on the South West Coastal Path

If you are coming to the South West Coastal Path in order to explore its incredible natural beauty, then one of the best places to start would be the town of Padstow. This is an incredibly picturesque village which is located on the coast in the north of Cornwall. The town has a mediaeval history and you will find many of the buildings here have a great deal of history and are an enjoyable site.

If you are looking for accommodation in the area then you are not going to struggle and there are many activities to keep you entertained for a couple of days. Best of all, Padstow can be a great town to relax in as you can simply sit by the bay and watch the boats go by. Alternatively, if you are more interested in adventure than there are many activities to be had in the surrounding area, as well as on the water.

Golfing in the area is particularly popular and you will find that there are several golf courses within easy driving distance for you to enjoy. On the water, it is also possible to enjoy sailing and surfing, and if you’re looking for a particularly relaxing activity it is possible to do some fishing.

The range of accommodation in the area is really excellent and you will find that there are budget options, as well as luxurious apartments. Food is also something that people come to the area for and you will find many excellent seafood restaurants serving up the day’s catch.

Rick Stein, the celebrity chef, has five individual restaurants located in the town really making it a foodie’s paradise. The climate in the area is generally good and in the summer the sun shines on most days. For those starting a walking adventure along the coast here, Padstow is the perfect starting destination.