Discovering the heritage sites of West Cornwall

If you’re coming to West Cornwall, then there are plenty of heritage sites that are worth visiting. These heritage sites are decided by English Heritage, which is a part of the UK government, which seeks out sites of historical significance that can be found in the country.

There are many of these in Cornwall, and it has 17 sites that are particularly interesting to people visiting the area to come and see. Most of the sites are going to be of interest to the whole family, so if you are coming here for a holiday with your family, you are certainly not going to be left with a lack of things to do.

Chysauster Ancient Village is certainly one of the most interesting of these heritage sites in this part of the country. It is located about three miles outside of Penzance and it was originally inhabited 2000 years ago during the Iron Age.

The ancient part of the city you will find several houses as well as a central street, and many of the courtyards and Chambers are still visible. Some of the walls here stand up to 3 metres high, which is a great deal of preservation when you consider old all the areas are.

Another great heritage site in the area would have to be seen St Mawes Castle. This place was originally built by Henry VIII in order to protect part of the country from invasions by the Spanish or French. Since its completion in the mid-16th century, a great deal of changes have taken place, but it still has a very unique, and original feel to it. In addition to the incredible site here, there are some fantastic walks that can be taken in the surrounding area.