Discovering St. Ives

Situated near the very tip of Cornwall, St. Ives can offer a very private retreat on the coast of England. If you’re looking for a private getaway in your own accommodation, then St Ives holidays have a lot to offer.

The Private Getaway

Rather than looking for a hotel or crowded accommodation, the best way to experience St. Ives is to rent your own private villa or chalet. These chalets offer you a greater sense of privacy, offering a nice and relaxing retreat. This makes the very most of the Cornish landscape found in the reclusive St. Ives area, whilst also allowing you to make full use of everything that Cornwall has to offer.

Having private accommodation also gives you the best of both worlds. On one hand, you are still free to explore Cornwall at your own pace and make good use of what’s available. Yet, at the end of the day, you can leave the busy crowds and enjoy your own personal space to relax and feel comfortable in. There are no noisy neighbours or loud music to worry about; all in all, it’s a very comforting and stress-relieving experience.

St. Ives Bay

The main appeal of St. Ives is its beautiful and serene coastline. St. Ives bay is a wonderful stretch of coastline that provides plenty of scenic views and romantic backdrops. Of course, during the day, it also provides a wonderful beach, with plenty of sun, sea and sand to entertain any holiday maker.

From your private, rented accommodation, you can really get a sense of the outdoors in St. Ives. A spacious countryside often surrounds the rest of the landscape, ensuring that there are open, natural views no matter where you go or look.

Exploring Cornwall

Of course, you’re not just limited to St. Ives itself. As part of Cornwall, you’ll have plenty of access to the rest of the county, offering all the usual tourist attractions. The signature Cornish pasty, for example, can be readily found in and around Cornwall, offering just a small part of the local culture and charm.

Likewise, Cornwall has a lot of coastlines and beaches. As such, there are a lot of beach activities that can be found throughout the area. Whether you want to take part in more extreme sports or simply take a relaxing walk on the beach, there are plenty of options.

The sea itself also offers similar activities. Whilst swimming can be a gentle experience, Cornwall is also known for its surfing hotspots. Whether you’re a long-time surfer or someone who is simply interested in trying it out, this is just one more of the many opportunities that can be found throughout the Cornish coastline.

In short, whether you want a lively holiday or a relaxing and secluded getaway, St. Ives can offer the very best of the Cornwall experience. From beautiful scenery and stunning coastlines, to the active lifestyle and Cornwall culture, there is plenty to see and do in St. Ives.