Dorset historical castles

Dorset is a holiday destination for people of all ages. Dorset lies in the South West of England and is endowed with several tourist sites. Kids have equal passion for holidays as much adults, when choosing places to take your children for holiday, choose a place they can learn while getting entertained. Torquay is so close that you could proceed on to Dorset for continued period of leisure as it has many attractive sites to look forward to.

To make your way from Torquay to Dorset, you can use a train. This way you get to see various villages alongside the tracks. Using steam trains owned and managed by Swanage Railways, your children and entire family will be able to get a glimpse of the exquisite beauty of the environs of Dorset.

They will also have a peek into history by looking at various historic castles. The railways services are available all year long hence scheduling a visit to should be easy. There are several packages offered by the railways operators sure to guarantee you a pocket friendly deal for instance the family package. However, prices of railways services are known to fluctuate with time of day.

Monkey World is a must visit tourist destination. It is located conveniently at Wareham in Dorset and is   sure to leave you kids full of enjoyment from the wildlife available. Monkey world is a rescue center for apes and plays home to close to 230 apes and monkeys. This offers you kids an opportunity to meet casts of the TV program “Monkey Life” just incase they are fans. It offers a wholesome excitement experience for the entire family hence you cannot afford not visit this place during your next visit.

Honeybrook farm offers a close interaction with farm life that the children of city dwellers have never experienced. It offers exclusive farm living characterized by a relaxed environment and is located Winborne.