Eco-friendly breaks in the South West

The South West of England boast some of the finest beaches, heritage and landscapes in the whole of the UK. Whether you are seeking inspiration, exhilaration, contemplation or relaxation this is the perfect place for you as the choice of country of coast is certain to meet your needs.

A whopping 40% of the all the Blue Flag beaches in England are in the South West, as well as 15 National Parks and a third of England’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. As if that wasn’t enough there are also 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making the environment in the South West absolutely world class and there for everyone to enjoy.

The best of it is that the majority of these can be enjoyed for no cost at all. Forget entry fees as you relish the views from a Cornish cliff top or delight in cycling through the countryside of Devon, or even relax in the many spiritual sites of Somerset. The South West is also a pioneer in the way that it is caring for its very special environment and there you have the choice of visiting more eco-labelled attractions here than in any other area of Europe.

The choice of green accommodation in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset is simply outstanding. Yurts, shepherd style huts, Hobbit style pods, you name it you can find it. Getting back to basics and helping the environment is many a holidaymakers idea of heaven, and when you have a look and see for yourself how easy this is these days you will be amazed.

The environment is suffering from travel, it cannot be denied. The CO2 spewed out by planes as we fly off to the sun is nothing short of disgusting. When you have so many attractions on offer in the South West, and great eco-friendly accommodation to boot, there is no need to go anywhere else.