Exmoor is a region steeped in culture and tradition

The Exmoor region has plenty of tradition and culture making it a great holiday destination if you are looking for a holiday spot without the country. The region also sports plenty of fetes and festivals making it a very entertaining destination if you make your holiday plans just right. If you can control the dates you travel the following are just a few events you might want to try to coincide your holiday with.

First up on the list is the Dunster County Fair in Dunster. This county fair has everything from the typical dogs and ponies to donkeys, ferrets, and falcons. In reality the fair really celebrates the country style of life and there are plenty of competitions and shows to keep visitors entertained and happy throughout.

Plus, everyone knows that fair food is to die for making the event worth checking out over on the Dunster Castle Lawns. Generally speaking the English fair is held during the last week of July but you may want to check in advance.

Another great festival to check out is the St. Mary’s Church Festival held in Lynton every year near the sea. St. Mary’s Church itself is a stunning historical shrine with a history that dates well into the 1200’s, but the floral decorations that adorn it during the third week of July make it even of a breathtaking sight.

Finally, for a taste of old fashion street festivities head on over to Minehead for the Minehead Summer Festival and Air Show where you will find the streets turned into an open marketplace with local art and great food on display. Outdoor entertainment is scheduled all day to keep guests happy and the air show takes place overhead featuring the Breitling Wing Walkers, Royal Air Force, and Red Devils Parachuting Team.