A look at the fascinating city of Bristol

If you are fed up with the fast paced life in London and want to go to a beautiful place for a short break, Bristol could be your ideal getaway. If you do not know already, Bristol is a heavily populated city that boasts scores of tourist attractions. In fact, it is one city in the south west part of the country that is a tourist destination because of what it offers in the world of art and culture and also because of its breathtaking beauty and landscape.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find everything on your mind disappears during a short trip to Bristol. There are so many things to see and so much to do in and around the city that you will hardly have a boring moment during your weekend break. Sharing borders with Gloucestershire and Somerset, Bristol has always been ranked at the top of the most beautiful English cities. You are not far away from such stunning cities as Gloucester and Bath when staying here.

Bristol is a common name for cities around the world with many countries having places with this name. Jamaica, Peru, Canada and Costa Rica are just a few of the 34 places in the world that have a Bristol . The English city is the oldest however, and has been found to have human habitation for the last 60000 years according to archaeological findings.

Bristol has long been an important centre for the arts with the Bristol Old Vic theatre and theatre school situated here. Bristol Hippodrome is another large theatre that can seat around 20,000 people. There are also the Redgrave Theatre, the Tobacco Factory, and the QEH, all important arts venues. Bristol is also famous for being a centre for musicians with big names like Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead having their roots in Bristol.