From Cornwall to the Caribbean – Top Sailing Destinations

Sailing can lead to magnificent discoveries. With most of our planet covered by oceans, sailing gives us the freedom to explore destinations from Cornwall to the Caribbean.

If you fancy wild, rugged scenery and still want to enjoy familiar flavours, Cornwall offers impressive cliffs, golden beaches, and stunning local food.

Meanwhile, sun, white sandy palm-lined beaches and turquoise waters will have you longing to sail toward Caribbean paradise.

You won’t have to go far afield to find that unforgettable sailing spot. The world is your plate of freshly caught oysters. Wherever your desires direct your vessel, enjoy a yacht charter full of discovery and awe.

The great south west getaway

South Cornwall is filled with fantastic fishing villages and towns – go for a stroll along the beach, take in the sights, breathe in the fresh air and get away from it all. Work, noise and business can all take a back seat as you charter your boat along a soft lush green coastline. Visit the Eden project and sail down to Falmouth, UK’s top sailing spot. South Cornwall is all about discovering hidden gems, fabulous local pubs and food that will have your mouth watering when you think back on your trip.

Behold a sailor’s dream along the Bahamas

The Bahamas have it all. Blue water so clear the abundance of life that lives below can be seen by the naked eye. A vibrant culture full of tradition, colour, song and dance. Every island offers visitors a set of unique attractions, from the world’s largest aquarium along with its very own purpose-built Atlantis to bustling market places serving up freshly caught local fish. Charter your Caribbean yacht to have a holiday the whole family will love.

Loop around Guadalupe

The French-influenced cuisine on this island is sensational. Goat curry, chili and lime poached fish, and a leafy green bacon stew are just some of the tantalizing foods awaiting hungry sailors. Guadalupe has a rich history and its European influences are easy to find. The Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul is an example if incredible French style Rococo architecture that met New World influences. Colourful yellows meet deep blues on this buttressed church.

Raise the masts and follow your curiosity around the world. Discover treasures both abroad and close to home while on your very own bareboat yacht charter.