A great day for all the family at Torquay’s Bygones Museum

The Bygones museum in Torquay in South Devon is a true gem for visitors to the area that want to take a step back into time. The museum easily transports its visitors back in time to a century ago when Queen Victoria ruled over Britain. Great for a rainy day, or a break from the hot sun, the Bygones museum sports four very unique attractions that cannot be seen anywhere else.

The 28 foot model railway is a real treat for young children to see as it is a fully working railway with a very dramatic and breathtaking mountain backdrop. When you are done watching the trains, wonder over to the life sized Victorian Street where you will feel as if you literally did step into the Victorian era. Here there are plenty of great reproductions of high street shops from the time period and other gems that make the entire experience a photo op in itself.

From here head into the World War I Trench and see for yourself how it would have been to sit in the French trenches back in 1916. Most likely you will be a bit more grateful for the soldiers that fought for the UK during this time period.

Finally round out your trip with a stop by the period display rooms which are set up to show how the typical manor home was decorated during the Golden Victorian Age. Before leaving you will also want to stop by the Oriental Steam Navigation Company, the Peninsular, the shopping arcade, and for the younger children the Fantasy Land play park.

The museum is open from 10am-4pm during the non-peak tourism season and during the months of April through September is open until 6pm. Adult admission price is £7.95 and children are £5.50 a piece. Children under four are free and there are special rates for groups over 15.