Great equestrian holidays to be had in Devon

There is a special relationship that men, woman or children can have with a horse that is good for both morale and forging relationships. The bond between horses and people can be quite special, ponies especially, and the unique relationship a rider has with his or her horse is like nothing else out there. In fact, anyone who is looking to spend a holiday with equestrian activities could find many places where such things can be done.

Northern Devon is one location where this activity is popular, with Exmoor being another. For your accommodation, there are many Devon locations that can support your stay and these vary from camping to luxury hotels or beds and breakfasts. But when it comes to such a popular location, pre-booking is a good idea. You may have to take it weeks or months in advance to get a good place, although some also wait for the last minute bargains.

When looking for where to go, make sure you look at all features that your accommodation provides, such as parking, party sizes, food and drinks. Devon hotels and B&Bs often offer very basic features, and you should read the full terms and conditions of what you are getting into. As for the nature experience, the landscape itself is often seen as a natural beauty with Exmoor being a national park.

England is in fact full of rare wild animals like the Exmoor pony which some locations allow you to mount, and many enthusiasts enjoy using as a horse. You can also learn how to ride at some schools in the area, same as fishing and hunting. The National Hunt Exeter Racecourse is a place where you can witness horses in all their glory, or practice yourself. Visitors can try hiking on the many trails that run across the landscape.