Great holiday choices in Devon and Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall, in the South West of the UK, provide a great option for all tourists looking for affordable holidays. This beautiful part of the country provides mesmerising holidays to all those who are worried by the down slide of the Pound against other currencies. In the current scenario, every traveller is thinking of ways to stretch his pound to the maximum.

Most people are planning to take shorter breaks instead of the usual one and two week holidays because of the unemployment problems all over the country. People are waiting till the eleventh hour before booking tickets and they are avoiding all inclusive tour packages and opting for the self catering options. This is where a short trip to Cornwall and Devon scores heavily as it allows the tourists to tailor make their holiday so that suits their requirements perfectly.

Both Cornwall and Devon rank high on the list of most popular destinations among tourists, with tour operators reporting an massive increase in their bookings to these destinations since 2008. These two places have long and beautiful coastlines and a variety of accommodation facilities to provide idyllic holidays for both families and romantic couples. Accommodation option to choose from range from cottages in national parks and farmhouses to some very fine and luxurious hotels on the English Riviera of Torbay.

There is a lot to do and see in Cornwall and Devon. From theme parks and zoos to engage the kids, there are scores of attraction in these places like the Eden Project in Cornwall. For those interested in sun bathing and sporting activities in the water, there are crystal clear sandy beaches to soak up the sun along with family. Nature lovers will certainly appreciate the long walking paths along the North Coast that provide breathtaking natural scenery.