Head for the English Riviera instead of the French for your next holiday

In the south-west corner of the United Kingdom, you will find what is known as the English Riviera. This is a part of the country which has an incredibly beautiful coastline, as well as many stunning beaches. It also enjoys a mild climate through most of the year and its most notable destination is Torquay.

Torquay is a gem of a town which has an incredible seaside and you will find yourself able to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the chaotic world that is often seen in the rest of the country. Torquay is a place which is always relaxed, no matter what time of year you are visiting, even in the summer months when it is very busy.

If you are thinking about taking a romantic escape then this part of Devon would be a fantastic place to come to. You’ll find a destination with an incredible number of tourist facilities so you won’t find yourself lacking anything to do, and you’ll simply be able to enjoy your time away.

One of the best things about the beaches in the area is that they are incredibly tidy. There is a great service making sure that the beaches remain clean and safe so you will be sure to enjoy a trouble-free holiday. There are around 20 miles of coastline here and many of them have wonderful beaches.

All of these beaches have a different feel and so you simply be up to find one that suits what you want from your holiday. As well as being a great destination for a romantic getaway, Torquay is also a perfect location to come with your family.