The history of the Exmoor pony

The Exmoor pony is certainly one of the symbols of the British nation and recently information has been uncovered about how it came to be in the country. It is thought that it initially migrated from Alaska to Asia, through a land bridge which ones existed before it was covered with water.

Skeletal remains have been uncovered which have shown its migration path and there are also various prehistoric paintings which have been discovered detailing the path of this animal and its observation by early humans.

The pony has a very individual appearance which makes it quite distinct from other breeds of pony. It has particularly large eyes, wide nostrils and a very broad forehead. Just looking at the pony you can tell that it is designed for survival and power. This is something that would be expected when you consider that the pony has had to deal with a great deal of adverse conditions over time.

The Exmoor Pony Society was established in the early 1920s and it has been dedicated to protecting this breed of horse. The society was originally created to protect the horse and it also focused on the animals domestication. The society helped put the horse to work both as a carriage horse as well as for riding.

Since the society’s inception the animal has spread out away from Exmoor and can now be found all over the country. The horse is something that is very popular in the UK and many animal lovers go to a great deal of trouble in order to protect it. It is a unique breed that is an important part of the heritage in the UK and it is being safeguarded by people today, just as it was during the 1920s.