Holidays in St Ives cottages

One of the most luxurious trips you can take this year is at one of the St. Ives cottages which give you full access to a large range of very interesting tourist attractions in the Cornwall area. These cottages are renowned to provide some of the best logging in town, and leaves you close by to all of the interesting activities.

The cottages have all of the modern amenities that you would expect from such a high end location, at a price you can still afford. If you have a vehicle, you can even use the provided garage as well, so that you can enjoy yourself while you visit the popular nearby attractions in St. Ives.

One attraction might be of interest if you have never been to a mine, and that is the Geevor Tin Mine. This mine is located just west of Cornwall and has a long history in this area, where tin has been collected for many years. The Cornish mining history can be seen in full display at the mine, where tour guides can show you around the location, and explain how miners used to collect the precious metal.

This mine has been operational until 1990 when it was shut down and converted into a tourist attraction, becoming the largest preserved site in the UK. Children are especially happy to visit this mine, and many schools send tours here to educate as well as entertain. A coffee shop there also awaits you to serve you cold drinks or hot coffee.

Another great attraction that you can find in Cornwall is Land’s End, an area where you can find a lot of activities for those who like to spend their vacation fully invested in what they are doing. There, you can find the popular Air and Sea Rescue Motion Theatre, the Trawler, lifeboat, old bakehouse and much more. This is truly the ultimate destination in you want to bring your whole family to an unforgettable day of adventure. Whether you are young or old, there is always something for everyone, and sights for all to see.