Locals fear unsightly billboards could affect tourism in the south west

A Cornish man is claiming that the mobile billboards that are appearing at the side of roads in the south west could destroy the areas vital tourist industry. Lloyd Richards has said that the billboards attached to vehicles that are being parked on bridges and in lay bys are a blot on the beautiful Cornish landscape and has taken more than 2500 photos of these kinds of billboards, and says the problem has greatly increased over the last decade.

Mr Richards says that the south west’s most valuable asset as far as economy goes is the environment, the historic towns and villages and the stunning countryside, yet they are being littered by trash under the guise of billboards. He added that they were a blatant attack on the area’s economic prosperity, and every unauthorised advertisement leads to many more.

The Devon Tourism Partnership, however, says it has received no complaints regarding these billboards. Laura Holt is the chairman of the Partnership, and she days that this has never been raised as an issue by visitors to the area, and as far as they were concerned they could see no damage being done to the economy as a result of the billboards.

She added that they were, however, raising the issue of the challenges that businesses faced when it came to finding appropriate and adequate signage. The Highways Agency also commented on these billboards, saying that any advertising material that proved a risk by distracting drivers was taken away.

The agency also urged all members of the public who noticed that banners or hoardings has appeared across bridge on trunk roads or on roadsides to contact them immediately.