The long and colourful history of Bath

Bath is a city with an extraordinary amount of history dating all the way back to 75 A.D. This was when the city was first founded by the Romans, and the Romans discovered that the city was particularly notable for the various deep springs that constantly bubbled hot water.

The Romans are famous for having a love of bathing and this is why they developed the famous Roman baths in the area. Previously, before the Romans started using them for relaxing, they were worshipped as the Celts as a shrine to one of their gods.

Today, expert archaeologists have excavated these baths is almost completely, and are on show for everyone. When the Romans decided to abandon Britain these baths fell into disuse, and it wasn’t until the reign of King George that it became fashionable to bath again and the baths here were restored to their former glory. Today they are a unique feature of the city, and are certainly one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the whole of the United Kingdom.

They were rediscovered in the 18th century, and now both tourists and locals in the city can use then. One of the newest is the Thermae Spa which was opened as recently as 2004, and is a fascinating place to visit. It is not just the baths themselves that are worth visiting in the city, and there are also several museums that are dedicated to the baths, as well as the Romans who initially established them.

The baths from the original Roman times were covered with silt after they fell into disuse, and they were surprisingly well preserved over time. Once they were excavated, it was clear that they were in good condition, and in 1987 they were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.