It’s official; the oldies love Eastbourne

People already knew that Eastbourne was a favourite among the older generation and this is now official since figures were released confirming this fact. The Office of National Statistics shows that one area of Eastbourne has become unique in that this is the first place in the UK which has a population with an average age greater than 70. The average age for people within the Meads is 71.1, slightly lower than the nation’s average age of 39.7 years.

The area is representative of the wealthier set in Eastbourne and has 1,500 people settled there. It stretches all the way from Royal Eastbourne Golf Club to the seafront. However, the tourism chiefs of the town did not welcome the fact as reported by a national newspaper.

Carolyn Heaps, cabinet member for leisure and tourism in the Eastbourne Borough Council insisted that the residents’ age on average across the width of the town was definitely lower. She attributed the figures to the fact that the survey had taken place in the affluent part of the town, which is in the west side. It has good share of older people who loved the sun.

The more modern town centre and Sovereign Harbour had more of the younger set living there. She added that if the survey had covered the entire town, the figures would have been different. The 2011 census showed an average age of 43.

Additionally, more than 50% of the population were less than 45 years of age. Over the last 10 years, though this has since increased by 10.2%. One could see that in the census that the growth rate of the plus-65 segment was a slow 0.6% compared to the national rate of 10.9%.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Eastbourne is that it represents one of the sunniest spots in all of UK. It holds a wide range of events such as Eastbourne Extreme, which has a lot of appeal with the younger audiences. Plans were afoot for a National Park here and many housing projects are coming up. This was welcomed by the younger generation.