Paradise Park’s Live Webcam Watched Twin Red Panda Cubs Birth

Staff at Paradise Park are thrilled at the birth of twin Red Pandas, which many staff were able to watch live on the Parks new webcam.

Director Alison Hales comments “For the first time this year we have sound on our webcam, and it is proving fascinating and helping us understand what is going on in the den. The webcam is on our new website so everyone can take a peek to see what is happening. Many staff stayed up all night on the 26th/27th, and were rewarded by seeing the birth of the first cub at 5:50am and the second at 7:50am.”

The first photo of the twin Red Panda cubs

Jai-Li (which means beautiful) was born on 28th June 2011 and came to Paradise Park in 2012 to join Lang-Za, who was born at Marwell Zoo on 16th June 2006 and arrived at the Park back in December 2008.

“Mum and the cubs are doing very well. We also have a big screen so visitors can see live pictures direct from the den. The cubs will spend up the 3 months inside before venturing outside.”

Mum Jai-Li

Recent data suggests that Red Panda population numbers may be as low as 2,500, due to continuous loss of habitat and wildlife trading. The existing population is expected to experience additional declines of 10% every 10 years. You can find out more about ongoing conservation work by visiting