Pickles day approaches for the people of South Norwood

People in South Norwood will soon be celebrating Pickles, considered by many to be a World Cup Legend. The SNTB (South Norwood Tourist Board) has huge plans for the event dubbed ‘Picklefest 2013’ with the celebration being anticipated to start on the 20th of March with the re-enactment of the manner in which the canine discovered the Jules Rimet Trophy in a bush in Beulah Hill.

The South Norwood Tourist Board and Ian Bone, organisers of the event, are in the process of creating a permanent memorial for the canine famed for discovering the World Cup. It is said that Pickles did not have a blue plaque to his name since the English Heritage was not keen on the matter, but now there was a possibility of a statue being erected in honour of the dog.

It has been said that Pickles and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were the two finest legends of whom South Norwood was proud. The idea for Picklefest was first revealed by advertisers’ last year and now the entire program for the event has been disclosed to the public.

In 1967, the famous canine died under mysterious circumstances, but those in attendance can expect a re-enactment of the scene by a new remote controlled version of the dog. The papier mache canine is expected to find the trophy in the bush, the same manner as the original did in Beulah Hill 47 years ago.

The event will also be host to a number of speakers, the likes of Richard Jones, a world renowned Picklesologist who will try to shed some light on mysteries relating to the dog. Mr. Bone said the dog’s death was still a mystery with some people speculating that the dog accidentally hanged itself while chasing a cat up a tree.

He added that he still remained unconvinced with the explanation and that other mysteries that needed to be solved was why the World Cup was lying around in bush and who had stolen it in the first place.

He continued to say that it was unfortunate that Sherlock Holmes was not there to solve the mystery since he was no longer alive. Last Saturday, Pickles made an appearance at the Selhurst Park; also in attendance will be Crystal Palace Football Club’s representatives. Organizers have started making ambitious plans for the next event to be held in 2016, marking Pickle’s 50th anniversary.