Planning a stag night in Newquay

While the bride runs around getting everything sorted for her big day, the groom tends to take somewhat of a back seat and look forward to their stag night. Traditionally organised by the best man, the stag night has evolved from a night in the local the night before the wedding to a much bigger bash altogether. Thankfully, the number of hungover grooms has also dropped dramatically as these events now tend to take place several weeks before the event, which also makes for happier brides.

While there has been a recent trend for overseas stag and hen breaks, the economy is having a huge affect in that with the ever increasing air fares, as well as the euro crisis in Europe, these trips aren’t as popular as they used to be as cash strapped couples begrudge laying out such large sums of money for their stag and hen events so close to the big day.

If you are a best man looking to organise a stag weekend, or a groom who wants some input into you last big weekend as a single man, then you can do a lot worse than consider Cornwall as a destination. Newquay in particular offers everything you could want for a great weekend away, with even some surfing thrown in through the day for good measure. With this area getting the best weather that Britain has to offer, a stag weekend here would be great swan song to the single life.

Whether you choose to travel by car, train or coach Newquay is easy to get to, and there is a great choice of accommodation, including those geared towards group holidays and stag weekends. Even the most dedicated of clubbers will have trouble finding anything to complain about regarding the quality of nightlife in Newquay, so consider all of the above and you have all the ingredients for a perfect stag weekend.