Proposals revealed for Cheddar Gorge cable cars

According to the CEO of Visit England, James Berresford, it would be a great boost to tourism if a proposal to run cable cars through Cheddar Gorge in Somerset was adopted.

The Longleat Group, being the owner of the iconic Gorge, made the proposal, which got great support in a survey conducted by Longleat Group, last year.

However, the National Trust, which owns the Northern 150 acres of the Gorge, said that they would not take part in the scheme. They say that the project would be detrimental to the special landscape of the Gorge.

Mr. Berresford was speaking at the gorge as he received a sculpture of yet another internationally recognised icon, Gromit the dog. He said that he was standing there in order to experience the Gorge from the bottom. He went further and said that it would be dramatic to fly above and look down into the gorge, providing a whole new perspective.

He argues that the number one attraction in Matlock is a similar project that was done at the Heights of Abraham, in Derbyshire. He reckoned that subject to planning permission, the prospect of doing cable cars here would be a massive boost. He said that thousands of visitors would flock to the area due to the project.

The idea was first proposed by Longleat Group last spring, as a means of boosting the number of visitors to the 309,000 that was seen by Cheddar Caves in the 90’s. The numbers had nose-dives to 165,000 in 2010. The project was to include a visitor/education centre and a café. There would also be a viewing area which would be popular amongst school groups and families.

The Longleat Group CEO, David Bradley, has said that the competition for money allocated for leisure had increased and they wanted to provide an experience which could be enjoyed by people of all ages. He says that the gorge would continue to decline if something was not done urgently.