Rise in Cornwall Weekends Away

The heat wave this summer helped boost tourism by 100% in Cornwall, according to new figures out today.

According to the tourism company, Take A Trip To Cornwall, it is thought that double the amount of people visited the Duchy region during the summer months of June, July and August. Record numbers are expected to visit in October too.

Gary Legion from Take A Trip To Cornwall said: “We were amazed at the numbers of people flocking to the county. Record numbers have been booking, which is fantastic for local businesses. We are proud of Cornwall and all it has to offer.”

He says Cornwall has also become a popular place for couples to spend their weekends away there.

“Unlike a few years ago, when families would come to Cornwall for an entire week, we are noticing more and more people are coming here just for the weekend. We believe this is down to improved public transport links down to us and the unique experience that everybody has when they stay in Cornwall.”

Sarah Lindsey, 44, from Liverpool spends nearly an entire day travelling to Cornwall just for the weekend, but she says the journey is worth it.

“I have been to Cornwall now six times. I can’t get enough of the place. I don’t care that it takes me hours to get here, as soon as I get out of the car, I feel I can truly relax. I like to come down here with my boyfriend. We often book a romantic weekend away here, so we can spend some quality time together.”

Martin Havers, 32, from Sussex has just booked a weekend break for two to Cornwall to surprise his wife.

“I have never been to Cornwall but I’ve heard such great things about it I thought I would book a weekend away there. A few of my friend’s holiday in St Ives and come back raving about the place,” he says.

“I very much hope to have a quiet and relaxing weekend away with the other half.”

Local businessman Tony Arnese reckons the weather is not the only reason why record numbers are visiting the Cornish county.

“We know how to look after people here,” he says. “We will do anything for anybody and that’s why people keep coming back. Well, that and the cream tea,” he laughs.

Although there are no facts to back this up, Mr Arnese may have a point. Harry Quigley left his laptop on the beach one afternoon and when realising an hour later, he discovered someone had handed it into a local cafe.

“Where I am from in London, if you take your eyes off your personal belongings even for five minutes, some light figured thief will have walked off with it. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I discovered a good Samaritan had actually taken the time to leave my computer with someone,” he says.

“I truly love Cornwall all the more for the fact, that everybody can be trusted and there is barely any crime there.”

Local bed and breakfast owner Laura Shaft says she loves being a part of the friendly community.

“Only in Cornwall can you go out for hours at a  time with your doors unlocked,” she says.

“I used to live in Brighton and didn’t really feel walking down the street at night, but here is completely different.”

She has been running her establishment for 15 years now and in that time she has seen a growing pattern.

“People love to get engaged here. I have a lot of loved up couples booking romantic weekend trip here and many of them go out for the day and come back with a ring on their finger. I think Cornwall brings out the romantic side of us really.”