The Roseland Peninsula a wonderful base for a great holiday

Found down at the southern end of Cornwall, The Roseland Peninsula must rank as one of the more unusual sites in the whole county. The climate is excellent, at least by British standards, and very much resembles a mild Mediterranean climate for much of the year. This warmer weather produces a diverse selection of flora and fauna across the entire peninsula region.

The main village found on the Peninsula is beautiful St Mawes located in a wide bay towards the bottom of the outcrop of land. In and around the village you will find a variety of accommodations, including pubs, hotels, camping and some of the best family holiday cottages in south Cornwall. Although the village is located at the end of this finger of land it is not inaccessible. There is a pedestrian ferry taking passengers backwards and forwards between Falmouth and St Mawes. The journey only takes around 20 minutes, a slightly longer also interesting way to reach the village is by taking the ferry from Truro.

Another popular destination on the RoselandPeninsula is the tiny village of Portloe. Here you will find just one hotel and a single village pub. This as you can imagine, many people find particularly idyllic, especially if you spend the rest of your life in a hectic city.

The Roseland Peninsula itself is not actually that large, from one end to the other it is only 16Km long. And the distance from Veryan Bay to King Harry Ferry is less than 5 Km, even though this is the widest point of the Peninsula. A great way to explore the southern tip of this strip of land is on foot.

From Portholland stretching down to the famous St Anthony’s Head you can make use of the South West Coast Path. At which point, during the summer season, if you wish, you can jump on the pedestrian ferry as it heads back to St Mawes. From St Mawes you can then use the ferry to Falmouth and continue your walk all the way down to Lands End.

If you have transport exactly where you stay on the Roseland Peninsula should not be too much of a concern as distances are very small. But if you want to be at the heart of Roseland, then St Mawes is a great base to work from.

If you have an interest in messing about on the water, this area has more than its fair share of anchorages, boatyards, boat slips, and sailing clubs. It is relatively simple to rent your own sailboat for the day to truly experience what this part of the coast as to offer. If you have more of an interest in other watersports, then you will probably find those sports on this coast.

These include waterskiing, kayaking, windsurfing, coasteering, pleasure boat cruises, and of course sea fishing, both from the land, and from the many boats chartering these waters. You will never be short of things to see and do it you use the Roseland Peninsula as your base for exploring all that southern Cornwall has to offer.