The rugged beauty of the Cornish coastline

Right in the most southern point of the UK is Cornwall, and it has a great deal of coastline with dramatic cliffs. You will also find that there are some spectacular beaches here that are surrounded by wonderful scenery that is very rugged.

If you are interested in hiking, then there are some spectacular walks that can be taken around this area, at any time of year. Generally, the weather here is pretty mild throughout the year, so even if you are coming in the colder months, you are going to be able to enjoy some hiking.

This area is particularly popular with hikers who are looking to get away from man-made attractions, and get out into nature. There are several routes in the area which do not pass through any towns or villages, so you will be in a very remote location. If you are doing this sort of walk, you should make sure that you are well prepared, and have enough water, as well as a way to communicate with people should you run into any trouble.

One of the most dramatic cliffs in the area has to be Rusey Cliff which is located in Boscastle. From the top of this cliff you will be afforded a spectacular view of the ocean, as well as the rest of the Rocky North Cornwall coast.

If you visit at dusk, you are going to see some spectacular scenery, as watching the sunset here is remarkable. In the warmer months it is particularly beautiful, and you will enjoy shades of pink as the sun goes over the horizon. If you are coming to visit this area, you should definitely make sure that you bring a camera with you, as there are images here you are going to want to save forever.