Solo Holiday Planning or by Travel Agency?

In the following article, we are going to try and explain the advantages and disadvantages of self-organizing your holidays and see if we can reach a conclusion whether to try and get a smaller price for our holiday by planning your own holiday or going the apparent easy way of buying a complete package from a travel agency and our case study will be the beautiful island of Mallorca.

A simple search on the internet about holiday offers in Mallorca will return any user hundreds of results, some more useful than other.

Let’s take the pro’s and con’s step by step and see what are the advantages of planning your own trip in Mallorca and contacting a travel agency. First if you contact a travel agency you will probably pay a bit more but that’s not always the case because big travel agency will negotiate in advance accommodation prices so they are bound to get discounts and better prices than you would have if you would contact a holiday villa owner personally.

With a travel agency, you would also probably have all transportation already arranged and all that you will have to do is pack your bags, which doesn’t sound bad really. If you were to organize your own trip bear in mind that all details need to be taken into account such as airport transfer, taxi fare to and from accommodation, additional one day travel trips and other local activities to fill your day.

So, what is the best way to proceed next time when you go on holiday in Mallorca? Well probably the best way is to mix the two ways of approach explained in the rows above and try to find the best balance between offer, cost and stress. One of the better ways to enjoy break in the Balearic Islands is to contact a local travel agency that provides villas for rent and rent a holiday villa in a pool in Mallorca.

Local travel agencies typically come cheaper and have all arrangements set-up for you once you land on the island. They often provide airport transfer, rental services such as boat or car hire and even private chefs.

By contacting a trustworthy local travel agency, you will get the best balance between organizing your own trips and avoid the usual travel stress such as travel concerns mostly due to the flexibility offered. There is no complete package where you need to accept stuff that you don’t want to just to get the things you want, simply choose what you want and leave the rest out thus saving money.

Next you plan on travelling to Mallorca try to keep in mind the advices above, and if you feel they were useful to you feel free to share them with your friends of family so that the next time you plan on getting a new tan in Mallorca maybe they can join you.