South West Coast Path events proving very popular

There has been a flurry of events at the South West Coast Path, and many more are expected as it enters the 4th quarter of a 3-year project funded by a European grant through Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE). Unlocking our Coastal heritage is the title of the project.

Several parts of the project are almost complete, ranging from small upgrades to the coast path, to making large route changes. Carleon Cove on the Lizard, is one of the locations that have benefitted from the project, and proves that the mission statements of ‘Unlocking Our Coastal Heritage’, ‘conserve, enhance and interpret the coast path’, is being achieved.

The project saw the conclusion of an awesome footbridge which takes the South West Coast Path over the Poltesco River. Initially, many though that the old bridge would simply be repaired, but the National Trust, the owners of the site, forwarded a proposal to build a new bridge in order to unlock the heritage of the site, and bring in more visitors to the coast path.

The design of the new bridge resembles the curve of a boat, and is made from larch and oak. Matthew Robinson is the architect behind the design, and Ben Harris of River Oak, the contractor. Matt said that the boat-inspired curves and the local stone finials were meant to reflect something about the location. The boats and stone are a part of the coves history since it was once the base for small seine-netting fleets.

Apart from the bridge, an interpretation project is about to begin to further heighten the awareness and appreciation of the special nature of the environment, and will be complete in a few months. This hidden valley has a wealth or ruins to explore and the local stone speaks of the nature of Lizard.