Southwest Coast Path to be greatly improved thanks to investments

Significant investments are set to pour in for the improvement of the Southwest Coast Path and as part of this; the path between Land’s End and Sennen will undergo a progressive development in 2013 to entice more visitors to the area.

Stone pitching intended to address the constant erosion problem, which kept some visitors away from this famous route, has started this week and after this the major improvement projects are expected to immediately follow. The investments hope to increase the number of people visiting the path as well as two destinations.

The Southwest Coast Team, Cornwall Council, National Trust and Land’s End Company contributed to come up with the £20,000 necessary to complete the coastal path improvement project which is expected to have a positive impact on the local tourism.

The improvements in the path which is estimated to get completed 10 weeks of continuous work include expanding its width to 220 metres and paving it with granite to allow more foot traffic and make walk in the path as pleasant as possible. After the expansion additional stone pitching will follow involving the remaining 600 meters that would take the improved route to Land’s Ends, where next stage of the project will commence.

Once completed the coastal path will be a part of the South West Walk in the months of April and May to commemorate 40th birthday of the association. Included in the many activities during the anniversary celebrations are fifty-six sponsored walks on the path which extends up to the town of Dorset.

Some of the prominent supporters of the project include Jonathan Dimbleby, who have promised to walk Stoke Fleming-Torcross stretch in South Devon. The registration for participation in the walks ends is on March 4. In each leg of the walks guides will be available to assist participants.