The success of the tourism information centre at Penzance Station

Thousands of visitors who visit Penzance Station will be finding something new since its launch earlier in the year. Welcome to West Cornwall Centre has served more than 30,000 visitors and has greatly helped to promote tourism in the area. This centre has provided information regarding local attractions and is being administrated by the National Trust agency.

This is the first venture for the National Trust agency and the West Cornwall Centre replaces the now defunct Tourist Info Centre. This happened after Visit Cornwall, which is part of the Cornwall Council, decided to reduce its budget to £250,000.

The centre’s manager, Beth Rose, stated that the centre has become extremely busy with around 30,000 people visiting them needing information. If the centre had not been created, there would be no place for visitors to know which tourist sites to prioritise within the Penzance area.

The National Trust has reopened the centre with the assistance of the District Tourism Association and the town Penzance itself. The town council and the local people also participated in the collaboration which took place in May and their aim is to give tourists information on which places to visit in the area.

There are currently 38 businesses included in the tourist package but next season 50 are expected to participate. The locals had first thought that the National Trust would be receiving heavy promotion, since it is the one that funds the centre, however, the head of the centre has assured the locals that there would be minimal promotion for the National Trust.

The chairman for Penzance & the District Tourism Association, Arnaud Reutsch, believes that the centre’s reopening has been a major success which is overall good for the town. He went on to say that the impression has been good since the centre benefits everyone whether they are businesses, members or non-members.

The centre’s move to promote local spots has had a substantial effect on the economy. This is due in part to the average spending habits of a typical visitor of around £80 per day when not so long ago, these visitors would not even stop by and instead go to neighbouring places.