Sussex, one of the original kingdoms of Britain

Sussex, preferably known as “Land of the South Saxons”, was one of the kingdoms of Britain, lying on the south coast of England. With a vast treasure of countryside, coasts, urban legends, mysterious stores, worth-seeing villages, and beautiful small towns, Sussex is a quiet yet enormously remarkable county of the United Kingdom, where you can come to be in touch with the nature, beauty, horror, and mystery- all together, since it has a lot to share with people seeking adventure.

For anyone who loves to walk on the land of ruined and partially perished castles, with a tale to tell, West Sussex is definitely the right spot to be in. It features castles, old monuments with deep historical backgrounds, and ancient buildings that present the talent of construction companies and designers of the old time. A pretty village sits at a distance of few miles from the Roman Villa which is located at Bignor.

The country also presents a lot of interesting stories about UFO sightings and ghostly happenings for owing to have several secluded farms and haunting houses. West Sussex is perhaps notorious for having born the most spine-chilling horror stories in the century. You can come here to pay visits to haunted inns, haunted road, and Clapham woods wherein plenty of UFOs sightseeing has been reported, including presence of horrifying ghostly figures and satanic apparitions.

Being an eerie and haunted city, West Sussex is not an ideal destination for the families to stay for camping at night. It’s a kind of place where you might not want to stay or walk along at the midnight. However, it can be a good destination for a day trip. The Village of Clapham has only one street, 300 years old, probably. It’s a famous living place of Shelly family where the famous poet Percy Bysshe was born and stayed with his wife.