SWCPA seeking donations for essential repair work

SWCPA (South West Coast Path Association) is looking for donations to pay for repairs caused by months of continuous wet weather. They are looking for financial support from the walkers who use the path which runs all around the south west tip of England between Dorset’s Poole and Somerset’s Minehead including the entire coastline of Cornwall and Devon; making it not only the longest trail in the country, but also very popular with tourists and walkers.

The damage caused by the heavy rain includes severe erosion and landslips leading to the closure of a number of sections as a precautionary measure. A statement on SWCPA’s website said that the prolonged rainfall made some of the cliffs through which the path runs more unstable than usual and that over the past month there had been unprecedented cases of cliff falls, flood damage, and landslips leading to the diversion of a number of sections on the national trail.

The organisation plans to realign all the paths after the affected coastlines have stabilized hopefully before the Easter holidays however, the unprecedented financial burden of doing these repairs goes beyond the allocated budget. This is why they have resorted to convincing walkers to participate in sponsored walks on the national trail so as to raise the funds they desperately need.

‘The Great South West Walk’ is the Association’s way of raising funds and is all set to take place this spring in celebration of the latter’s 40th anniversary. The walk has been scheduled to take place between the months of April and May; there will also be relay walks of up to a distance of 18miles around the whole path.

The organisers anticipate that more than 50 walkers will participate in the event every day with the participants’ being encouraged to raise at least £50 in every sponsored walk; SWCPA hope that the event will raise the funds they need with the estimated bill of repairs being £250,000.