Top attractions that you can visit in Devon

The countryside in the south-west of England, is a charming place, with a great deal of scenic beauty, as well as architecture with a strong heritage. Devon is perhaps one of the most popular areas to visit in this part of the country, and is home to many beaches, parks, as well as stately homes. In this article we are going to look at some of the top attractions that you can visit in Devon.

Blackpool Sands, (yes this is a different one) is an incredible beach, which would have to be one of the highlights of Devon, and is a great place to come and relax in the warmer months, or even take part in some adrenaline pumping watersports.

Another great attraction would be the Combe Martin Wildlife Park. This is a not an ordinary wildlife park, as it doesn’t have many animals from the present day. Instead, it focuses on re-creations of animals from the prehistoric era, including numerous replicas of dinosaurs, which unlike some in museums, are actually capable of movement.

Castle Drago is also particularly interesting, and is perhaps most notable for its incredible architecture, especially as the building is made out of granite. This attraction spans over 700 acres, and taking a tour round here will be a fascinating experience. There are numerous walking paths in the surrounding gardens, and it is easy to spend a day here just exploring.

The Miniature Pony and Animal Farm is located in Dartmoor, and here you will find many animals that children will find fascinating. There are many goats here, which children will love to play with, as well as miniature donkeys which children can take a ride on. There are also many nature trails, for a relaxing walk, and serene lakes which you can just spend some time relaxing by.