Top cruise holidays for 2013

Summer is still quite a long way off yet and you may be getting sick of the dark evenings. Well there is an escape option for you and it comes in the form of a foreign cruise. Cruises are a great way to escape for a few days or weeks to get some sun and see some culture and you can go virtually anywhere in the world. So, where should you visit in 2013?

Themed cruises

If you are planning on taking the whole family always for a cruise holiday then you may want to consider going on a themed cruise. Many of the top cruise line companies offer these options across various destinations and it’s a great option for those after something a little different.

There are immensely popular Disney cruises where you can travel in the company of all your favourite childhood characters; something which can appeal as much to adults as it does to the children themselves. Typical destinations include USA with a transatlantic option the most common.

Adults only cruises

If you and your partner are looking to get way then you probably want to enjoy a cruise ship that is not overrun by other people and their children, making adult-only cruises the best option.

Destinations for this option are fairly diverse so you might want to consider going on a trip to French Polynesia which offers fantastic beaches and crystal clear waters with seclusion and privacy guaranteed. There is also great culture to experience.

Alternatively, you may want a cruise that takes you into the South Pacific where you can enjoy stop offs in Tahiti and Moorea.

River cruises

Older individuals also enjoy cruises and river boat cruises in particular are becoming more popular. Why not consider taking a cruise down the Mississippi River or head to one of the major European cities and see what you can find when travelling down iconic rivers such as the Seine or Rhine?

Beginner cruises

For first timers who are new to the whole cruising holiday, you may want to consider going on something more traditional like a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise. You can enjoy fantastic scenery and great landscapes here with varied activities available both on and off the ship. If opting for a Mediterranean cruise you may even be able to take it as a short mini-break, allowing you to sample a cruise without committing yourself to a long holiday.

Choosing your cruise

With so much on offer, it can be difficult to find the right type of cruise holiday for you. All of these options are expected to remain popular in 2103 so why not visit Viking cruises to explore what they have on offer?