Top honours handed out at the Cotswolds Tourism awards

Honours have been given to a tourist info site and similarly, an award was also given to a museum. The museum that received a Cotswolds Tourism gold award is the Corinium Museum which is located in Cirencester and the tourist info site, Moreton Area Centre, which is located in Moreton-in-Marsh, also received the same award.

The Corinium Museum was the first prize winner belonging to the category of Small Visitor Attraction for the Year. The MAC, or Moreton Area Centre, won the Visitor Information Provider of the Year Award.

The panel of judges for the awarding body, Cotswold Tourism, was very impressed with the Corinium Museum and the Moreton Area Centre Tourist Info site. The awarding body has partnered with several businesses involved in the tourism industry.

The Corinium Museum has a large and important collection of Roman artefacts and nowhere else in Britain is there such an important collection of various artefacts from Ancient Rome. The Corinium Museum is considered as one of England’s national treasures due in fact to its extensive collection and the important way these artefacts are showcased.

Corinium also received another award; a silver award in the category of Best Visitor Information Provider. The commercial services head, Isobel Milne, credits this prestigious award to the dedication of the staff, of which there is only 14.

Isobel Milne has stated that she makes sure that she and her staff provide the best customer service that they can give. The Moreton Area Centre was chosen by a group of judges who went to this centre incognito. This same group of judges went around similar centres in Cotswolds.

The judges have stated that Costwolds have strict standards. The MAC, having won the award must surely be the best among the best. The win by Corinium Museum and the MAC will qualify them for another awarding body called the Visit England Awards and the MAC did not go unnoticed by this body as it was ranked a high performer in the area of the South West. It also ranked 5th place nationally among top 10 contenders.