Tourists bring around £200m into Newquay’s economy

The numbers for visitor spending in Newquay have come out, and have revealed that the town’s tourists spend about £250m annually. The hype has brought in a tourism expert to take interest in the figures, prompting him share his expertise with the town’s business owners.

Ben Moxon is an analyst working for the Arkenfold Company, and is all set to be the head speaker for this year’s Visit Newquay Tourism Summit. Mr. Moxon’s talk is scheduled to happen next Thursday, at Newquay’s Lighthouse Cinema.

Mr. Moxon has been collaborating and working with Newquay’s town council group, aptly named Visit Newquay. The goal of both parties is similar, and that is to do “authoritative” research into the area’s visitor profile.

According to national tourist board’s statistics, Newquay comes in tenth for the most visited town or city in the UK. These figures were based on visitor spending data that were collected last year.

It is interesting to note that in the year 2010, the town’s tourists spent about £156 million while in Newquay. While these numbers are impressive in itself, they did not compare to the figures that came in for the year 2011, which increased by an impressive 58%, amounting to £247 million.

It was deduced that within the £247 million that the town earned in 2011, tourist spending was responsible for roughly £208 million. This figure ranked fifth in overall tourist spending in the country. Newquay was only behind four other towns in the country, namely York, Scarborough, Blackpool, and of course, London.

Besides the actual figures of tourist spending, statistics also gathered that among those that holidayed in the year 2011, 545,000 tourists made a visit to Newquay. Much like their tourist spending figures, the number of holidaymakers increased dramatically compared to the year 2010, which only brought about 441,000 tourists.