The villages of Devon

Being the center of three major economic activities; fishing, farming and mining, Devon makes one of the most populated counties in England. Despite being a partial contributor to the economy of the county, the cordially welcoming population has invested quite a lot in the tourism sector. They have constructed elegant structures ranging from classic English resorts, cottages, gift shops; to Bed and breakfast Hotels accommodating that could a vast variety of visitors from all over the world.

Devon’s awed beauty has been well brought out by its local parks and beaches which offer a favorite destination for those days and most preferably afternoons with The South Hams or The English Riviera being arguably both the most beautiful and popular tourist destination in Devon.

There exist numerous ways that one could derive pleasure from the local  lifestyle including an affordable trip to the famous villages hosting Devon’s old cultures, Beer, being one of these villages, offers a great relaxing by virtue of being built around a cove hence offers a peaceful place and a desired option destination for runaway city dwellers.

For those seeking comfy environments characterized by bed and breakfast farmhouses coupled with resorts, there are various options ranging from guesthouses to countryside cottages where bed and breakfast services are offered at pocket friendly prices giving tourists a peace of mind to optimally explore the exquisite beauty of the county.

Both northern and southern parts of the county have similar landscapes with equal endowment of   rivers, rolling hills, woodlands, sandy beaches and parks allowing tourists to switch overnight accommodation while on the move around the county.

Whether it’s your family members or fiancée you wish to take out, Devon is an incredible tourist destination. Besides offering awesome and adorable natural sites, it also offers a tangible number of fun activities for children. There exist several museums within Devon’s environs that children could visit for an insight and a clear peek into Devon’s history, art and local culture.