Visit the South West of England this Half Term

As we approach the half term holidays, (yes already), it’s time to start thinking about how to entertain the little darlings. It was hard enough finding enough to occupy them during the wet summer break, and what you did find to do, they might not want to do again so soon. This leaves you with some real issues as to how to get them away from the television, but preventing the inevitable “I’m bored” complaints.

So having taken a trip to Blackpool or Skegness for a day on the beach, ridden the open-topped bus through the streets of London and been to places like Center Parcs, it’s time to step away from the predictable options for places to get away for a day trip and think outside the box. Certain areas of the country are hidden treasures, called as such because they’re often overlooked in favour of the aforementioned breaks, but once you stumble across places – like the South West of England – you start to wonder why you’ve never been before!

Okay, it’s not as easy to get to on paper as the big cities are, but it’s not as if it’s so far off the beaten track that nobody has ever been before either! With plenty of road networks and various major train stations, you could even go online in search of a National Express promo code and leave the car at home, getting discounted travel – something all parents could do with when trying to entertain the kids!

Hidden away near Gloucester is the Forest of Dean, and the Cotswolds. If you’re the sort of family who loves to walk in the countryside, then you’ll be in your element here. With hills, valleys, and too many picturesque views to list, plus country pubs, historic local towns and cities and stunning architecture, there’s something for everyone to take in, and leave with a memory that lasts a lifetime, inspiring them to come back again in the future.

Head further South West still and you reach the gorgeous cities of Bristol and Bath, then on into Somerset and the stunning Taunton. Still want to keep going? Okay, then you just have to take in the Devon countryside before getting to Land’s End where you’ll find beaches galore, perfect for a day by the sea, fishing, taking part in watersports like surfing and walking along the southernmost point of the UK.

Once you’ve done all that, hop on over to the Isles of Scilly for peace and tranquility defined. Just off the UK coastline, the Isles are a real gem of the South West and not to be missed if you’re in the area.

It’s very easy to use up what you think are the only options for half-term entertainment. The park is cold and wet at this time of year, foreign holidays are out of the question because you went two months ago and once you’ve seen London, well, it can’t change that much in a few weeks can it! So don’t just stick with the traditional city breaks or park holidays this half term, see some sights and head South West!