Visiting Stonehenge

In Wiltshire, 8 miles to the North of Salisbury, and 2 miles to the west of Amesbury, sits Stonehenge. This is the World’s most famous prehistoric sites. According to archaeologists, the stones were erected in 2200 BC and the surrounding ditch and earth bank in 3100 BC. The sites is managed by English Heritage and owned by the Crown.

In Britain, Stonehenge is the most prominent prehistoric monument and has been visited by both local and international tourists for centuries. It is as timeless as the civilisation that built it. Evan Evans and other tourist companies organize tours to Stonehenge every year. The tours start in London and include London sightseeing tours.

Today, over 800,000 people go to visit the site every year and over 200,000 come to the periphery of the site and see it by peering through the fence. Millions of travellers see the site when driving on the A303 and A344 when going to and from the South West and London.

Taking a tour of Stonehenge will only take a short time. However, the trip to the site can be very long and this is the reason why most of the tours include tours to Windsor and/or Bath. With a good guide and transport, it is possible to visit all three on the same day.

When you sign up for sightseeing a tour organised by Evan Evans, you can arrange to be picked from London at 8.30 am and you will be back in your hotel by 7 pm. This is enough time for you to visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle in Windsor and the Royal Baths in Bath.