Why visitors travel hundreds of miles to visit Cornwall

Cornwall is the southern most county of mainland Britain and attracts millions of tourists a year. There is a quaint beauty throughout Cornwall that makes an instant impression on a visitor, along with its refusal to go with the times and turn its picturesque resorts into bustling, commercialised hubs.

With miles of glorious beaches, wild and rugged countryside, sleepy towns and villages and its history steeped in tradition and folklore, it is little surprise that Cornwall is one of the few places left that still has that air of mystery about it. It is easily accessible by car, train or coach and tours of the area are becoming increasingly popular with those who want to see as much as they can during their visit.

With accommodation ranging from campsites to luxury hotels, and covering everything in between, it is easy to find somewhere to stay to suit all budgets. Many favour camping as it offers a freedom to fully explore the county, from Bude near the Devon border, through the moors and down to Lands End. Taking a holiday is only one part of Cornwall is a travesty as there is so much you will miss out on.

When you visit Cornwall for the very first time, it has been described by many as falling in love at first sight, and evolving into one of those great loves that last a lifetime. It is unique in its attitude to every day life as opposed to the rest of the UK, and it is little wonder that it is the most popular area in Britain for both holiday homes and retirement.