The west country leads the way in VisitEngland award nominations

The VisitEngland awards finalists have been announced, and for the first time ever with this prestigious award ceremony, 18 businesses involved in tourism from the west country region have been selected. Now, the tourist leaders are obviously celebrating this turn of even. The list of finalists is for this year’s national event from the Visit England group, and in an announcement the local tourism leaders said that this was a record year for the region, by getting so many spots in the finalists group.

The VisitEngland group announced a total of 67 finalists for this year’s event, and the fact that 18 are from this region sends a signal to the high quality that local businesses provide when dealing with tourists. The group also handles the South West Tourism Excellence Awards, a regional awards show that focuses on local businesses who accomplish some progress in the tourism industry.

They had over 300 entries to judge in order to come up with the final winners, and these finalists are spread around the country. Devon in particular has five finalists, including Calvert Trust, Exmoor and Arundell Arms Hotel. Cornwall for its part had six, including The Rashleigh Arms and The Scarlet, located in North Cornwall.

Between all of these finalists, there is much rejoicing going on, since this prestigious awards show is transmitted across the country, and many travel agencies take note of these things. When a region has a lot of finalists, more people are likely to go there for their holiday.